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Today, people usually think of Beit Mery as a wonderful place to go during summer to enjoy the beautiful weather and the view of the whole city… Read more »

AN UMAYYAD SITE OF LEBANON Aanjar, 58 kilometers from Beirut, is completely different from any other archaeological experience you will have in Lebanon. At other historical sites… Read more »

Simply known as The Cedars”, this resort settlement is in Lebanon’s highest range is one of the most dramatically beautiful spots in the country. Its centerpiece is… Read more »

Sidon, on the coast 48 kilometers south of Beirut, is one of the famous names in ancient history. But of all of Lebanon’s cities this is the… Read more »

Lebanon Beiteddine The road to Beiteddine leaves the coastal highway 17 kilometers beyond Beirut, just a few kilometers the tomb of Damour. From there it climbs quickly… Read more »

Few caverns in the world approach the astounding wealth or the extent of those of Jeita. In this caves and galleries, known to man since Paleolithic times,… Read more »

Phoenician Tyre was queen of the seas, an island city of unprecedented splendor. She grew wealthy from her far-reaching colonies and her industries of purple-dyed t5extiles. But… Read more »

Winner of the Golden Apple award for excellence in tourism in 2014, Byblos in one of the top contenders for the “oldest continuously inhabited city” award. According… Read more »

Baalbeck, Lebanon’s greatest roman treasure, can be counted among the wonders of the ancient World. The largest and most noble roman temples ever built, they are also… Read more »

History Carved in Stone When Egyptian pharaoh Ramses II marched through Lebanon over 3,000 years ago, he left three inscriptions on the rock above what is now… Read more »