Chateau Muzar wine of Lebanon – Ghazir

The wines of Musar are unique expressions from a country with an ancient wine-making culture(Bekaa) for over 6,000 years.

Every wine of Chateau Musar is produced naturally with a non-interventionist wine making philosophy and the winery was the first in Lebanon to implement organically certified viticulture.

Chateau Musar’s winery is more than 2 and a half drive from the vineyards in Bekaa Valley.When Mr.Hochar began making wine in 1930, the boundaries of Lebanon had not been set, and he wanted to ensure that his premises would be inside the newly demarcated country. Thus he chose to install his winery in the family’s 18th century castle overlooking the Mediterranean at Ghazir, 25 Km north of Beirut.

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