Chateau st Thomas wine of Lebanon – Bekaa

Located on a hill overlooking the Bekaa Valley at an altitude of more than 1000m. It comprises a vineyard (65 hectares) well exposed on the eastern slope of Mount Lebanon, and a cellar dug 25 m into the rocks including a wine warehouse for fermentation and ageing. The first vintage appeared in 1998.

Saïd Touma, along with his family, who are all wine lovers, work hard to ensure that the wines of Chateau St Thomas have a promising future ahead of them. Chateau St Thomas has become the pride of the wine production in Lebanon. The wines have been awarded more than 60 medals in prestigious international wine competitions since 2002.

karaoun lake direction, 6km. from Chtaura, Kab-Elias, Bekaa Valley.

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