Beiteddine Palace-Beit El Dine, Chouf.

It was built by Emir Bachir Shihab II. It hosts the annual Beiteddine Festival and Museum.  

The Visitors to Beiteddine have to be grateful for the Ottoman’s streak of egomania. The result is one of the finest remaining examples of 19th-century Lebanese architecture, one even the Israeli invasion could not destroy (although it is estimated that ninety percent of the palace’s rare and precious contents were lost). Its grand dimensions encompass three main courtyards, huge vaulted stables, small museums, guest apartments, water fountains, marble portals and marquetry, and luxuriously decorated and domed Hamams (bathhouses).It is one of the most spectacular mosaic collections in the eastern Mediterranean.

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    Great location. Great story. Great construction. Great in everything